Web hosting

Building your corporate website it one thing, but making it available to the world is another. At Tiara IT, we provide superior web hosting with 24/7 monitoring and support to minimize downtime. And because we have servers in several geographical locations, we can guarantee your business a firm foundation in the world of ecommerce.

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    Dedicated and shared web hosting

    We offer both Dedicated and Shared web hosting services to provide your business access to the world’s leading markets, including China. Shared hosting is ideal for smaller enterprises, while Dedicated hosting offers greater control and flexibility.

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    Email hosting with support

    Make it easy for customers to contact you directly with an email address at your unique domain name. Tiara IT hosts email accounts with unlimited emails and full technical support – all at flexible rates.

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    Domain registration

    You can register your unique Domain Name with Tiara IT to maximize your brand presence online. Choose from the Top Level Domains (.com, .net) or International Domains (.sa, .ae, .qa).

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    Network and private cloud storage

    Choose between Network and Private Cloud storage – whichever suits your specific needs. Networking Storage is centralized with excellent performance, reliability and availability, while Private Cloud storage offers superb security.

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    Training and support

    Sometimes we integrate third party hardware and software programs to handle specialized tasks. Where we do, we will provide full training and support to your site administrators. That way, you will always be in control.

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